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Some visualisations of Bandung water quality data

Here I learn some more type visualizations to understand groundwater behavior based on groundwater quality data set. I have 142 data points of water quality data measured in 2015. The dataset can be downloaded from our OSF repository. Currently we are on our way in writing a paper out of the data set based on multivariate analysis. I use free apps to produce all plots. I will add the plots as I move along in the analysis.

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Mining PLOS and PubMed data


This post was inspired from Jon Tennant’s post on his blog (here). He was talking about the number of papers on paleontology field published in PLOSone. His post was mainly based on his code using `rplos` package (Github repo/CRAN repo) from `ropensci` community. Jon’s post was kind of fire up my R life again, especially in the field of text mining. So in this post, I will connect this original post with my research about analyzing biodiversity of Cikapundung riverbank area (on Figshare).

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