On this page a list of students (undergrad and grad) student which were under my thesis supervision.


Case study:

  • Hydrogeology of North Bandung Area
    1. Ali Lukman (2011)
    2. Teddy Cahyadi (2011)
    3. Zidni Ilman (2011)
    4. Jaka Satria Budiman (2012)
    5. Arif Rahman (2011)
    6. M. Rizky Ramadhan (2011)
  • Hydrogeology of East Bandung Area
    1. Naufal Rospriandana (2008)
    2. Tsania Ozza (2009)
    3. M. Fajar Sodiq (2009)
    4. Krisponda (2010)
  • Hydrogeology of Mount Ciremai:
    1. A.M. Surya Nugraha (2007)
    2. … (to be added)


    1. Eka Chandra (2009): Domas Crater, geothermal
    2. Taat Setiawan (2008): Cijulang South Ciamis, karst hydrogeology
    3. Munib Ikhwatun Iman (2009): Cijulang South Ciamis, karst hydrogeology
    4. Aprianto (2009): Rancaekek, Bandung, aquifer storage and recovery modeling
    5. ….


  • Hydrogeology of Tangerang Area
  1. Iftitah Rohman
  2. Ari Wibowo
  3. Weling Suseno
  • Wulan Seizarwati: Hydrogeology of Blitar Karst Area
  • Rahmawati Rahayu: Hydrogeology of North Flank of Mt. Ciremai
  • Bambang Sunarwan: Hydrochemistry of Bandung Area

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