Pre-registration “Open data workshop”

We’re going to run the following workshop:

  • Event : 4 days workshop “How to make geo-environmental research more reproducible?”
  • Date : November 2017 (exact date to be confirmed)
  • Team : Dr. Willem Vervoort (University of Sydney), Dr. Floris van Ogtrop (University of Sydney), and Dr. Dasapta Erwin Irawan (Institut Teknologi Bandung)
  • Location : Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Field location : Cikapundung riverbank

Please pre-register by filling in the following form.



Day Topic Sub topic Learning outcomes Resources
1 Introduction: open data Data as independent research output: data paper and data journal The participants understand: # the new perspectives on data, data publishing, and data citation; # data repository and institutional repository; # How to setup a Github account and connect it to repositories for DOI-minting Laptops, internet connections, slides,

ORCID account,

Github account,

Zenodo account,

OSF account.

How to increase the value of data: data publishing and data citation
Open source online resources: Github, Open repositories, using Git
2 Workflows and other tools Proposed workflow: data acquisition, data processing and analysis, data publishing
Recording and capturing workflows as data management
Some simple analyses: Introducing QGIS/R for space-time analysis
3 Developing material for outreach Analysis of results, managing results, plotting data, data cubes
Creating publishable output in a repository
Planning teaching material for future workshops
4 Field exercise Field data acquisition: location Bandung The participants understand how to take data from the field, input them in a data sheet, preparing the data sheet ready for data publication. Portable equipments: TDS meter, pH meter, water level, GPS.
Managing the data, improvements for the future
Building example data sets in the repository
5 Final outputs 1. Teaching slides,

2. A set of toy data set 3. A set of open repository accounts

The complete workshop will be developed using reproducible research tools, such as Github, Git Large File Storage, Cloudstor and web servers, and will be made public. This means the workshop as a whole will be available to a wider public than the current list of proposed participants. It will also mean that the material can be updated, renewed, as well as maintaining snapshots of the original material.

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