The hydrogeology of Situ Ciburuy (part 1): an abstract for TrepSea 2016

The hydrogeology of Situ Ciburuy part 1: a review

Authors: Muhammad, G., Irawan, DE., and Brahmantyo, B.

Affiliation(s): Department of Geology, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung


Introduction: The lake (Situ) Ciburuy is situated in Padalarang, West Bandung. The lake area was 15 ha and it’s decreasing overtime. We were interested in answering two questions: the lake’s water balance and its interactions with the modified near by environment. This paper covers the first phase of the research to review the available literature and to formulate a research plan.

Material and methods: We did a short bibliometric analysis on Google Scholar (GS) using Situ Ciburuy as key terms. More general scope literature search were also conducted using Crossref and GS to formulate a research method to answer the two questions. We used lake hydrochemistry and lake hydrology as key terms.

Results and discussions: Our 1st search gained 32 papers. All of them are in Indonesian language, but only one discusses geology. Hence we conclude that Situ Ciburuy needs more scientific exposures, specifically on the hydrogeology and land use effect. We gained more than 10,000 results on 2nd search, but only the first 10 pages were counted. We found that the in-out flux is the major component of a lake. In the field campaign we will map the geology, river network, and groundwater level, measuring the influx – outflux discharge, and hydrochemistry. Multivariate statistics will also be applied in the analysis.”


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