The dawn of offline thesis maps

The following is an abstract I wrote with: Fadli Ahmad Naufal (a meteorologist turned map maker) and Ahmad Darul (a geographer who is obsessed with water).

We wrote this piece based on our concern for so many thesis maps which end up only on someone’s hard drive. We believe if those maps can be made online along with the appropriate metadata, they would maximize the visibility of scholarly docs. In return  universities (like ITB) can harvest more impact as well as collaborations.

This abstract ws sent to the 2nd TrepSea held by Dept. of Geology. Watch out for that event in September 2016.

Application of integrated QGIS system: an option to increase the visibility of geoscience research in ITB

Fadli Ahmad Naufal1, Dasapta Erwin Irawan1, and Ahmad Darul2

1Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung

2Faculty of Engineering, Institut Teknologi dan Sains Bandung, Bekasi


The GIS world is currently in the palm of ESRI, with their sophisticated and yet expensive software for most countries. This paper discusses QGIS that has been first developed since 2002 by Gary Sherman. This project was then adopted by Open Source Geospatial Foundation. Having user friendly interface, the QGIS is supported by loyal user/developer to make hundreds of plug ins to enrich its power in spatial analysis. 

QGIS is now implementing cloud technology. From its data center in Switzerland, the QGIS offers a free cloud system for personal users and paid services for commercial users. Users can upload their off line documents directly from QGIS desktop. To our perspective, this system can be used to promote ITB’s spatial research outputs, As well as to gain more visibility, it also can put ITB as one of the open source ambassador in SE-Asia. All projects will be available online and citeable to the readers. 

We summarize this paper with a strong statement that QGIS and ITB can collaboratively work together to increase research output and its impact to society. We strongly suggest more dissemination of QGIS and other open source projects in ITB.

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