Roger S. Bivand and Edzer Pebesma

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.51.51 AM

Two names I have mentioned above are legendary in statistics, especially for R user. They are both the part of a team to develop R application for spatial analysis. Their names are on the CRAN (R server) Task Views on spatial analysis and R spatial blog.

They will be delivering a workshop on spatial R at Unpad on ICAS (International Conference on Applied Statistics) 2016 event, next September. The complete information is listed here.

The interesting thing about them as also common scientists abroad, they also popular online. They both maintain twitter accounts: @rogerbivand (last tweet last year), but he also the founder of the active R-SIG-Geo miling list and @edzerpebesma (last tweet last week).

Not but surely not least, they wrote a pioneering book called Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R published by Springer.

Now let’s get those papers submitted.


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