New (RMarkdown) post from OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

This is my first post on OSX 10.10 (nick name: Yosemite). Yep I always late…

As I did mostly, I blog using RMarkdown. It allows you to manipulate your source file in to a structured text and convert it to almost any formats: odt, docx, pdf, html, etc.

Basically you can make any docs containing:

  • outline
  • bullets and numbering
  • basics formatting:
    • make it bold = bold,
    • or italic = italic,
    • even make an superscript symbol = superscript and off course subscript subscript ,
    • strikethrough
    • write equations: $ Q = CA(dh/dl) $
    • insert a link: DasaptaErwinBlog
    • insert a figure: itb_logo
    • insert a quote or lines of code: quote from Einstein
    • insert a table:
Name Age (ya)
Rex 65,000,000
Mankind 100.000
me 39
wife 35
Radit 8
Bila 4
- make a chart out of it
Name <- c('Rex', 'Mankind', 'Me', 'Wife', 'Radit', 'Bila')
Age <- c(65, 0.1, 39, 35, 8, 4)
df <- data.frame(Name, Age)
plot(df, main="Age comparison", xlab="Species", ylab="Age (mya)")

  • and a whole lot more

Another good thing is you can built the entire doc in plain text (ASCII). So it’s:

  • light weight: in kb
  • connected to any word-processor:
    • Libreoffice
    • MS office
  • or text-editor:
    • notepad
    • wordpad
  • virus-free



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