Shortcourse on Reference Management


Course outline
Part 1: intro to reference management
1.1 common problems and solutions

  • What are
    • the common problems in scientific writing (papers, thesis, dissertation)
    • the common mistakes in writing
    • the tools and proposed solutions

1.2 What is reference management

  • How does it help to our writing and what are the tools needed
  • Where to get the softwares and why does it have to be opensource
  • How to install Reference Manager and connect it to our word processor
Part 2: how to retrieve references
2.1 Where to find:

2.2 tweaking the keywords
  • What is a keyword
  • What is keyword’s operator
  • How to get the best search results
  • Use “Google Scholar” alert notification
  • How to store the information
Part 3: how to store your references
3.1 how to store your references
  • Saving the pdfs and metadata
  • Folder structure
3.2 how to use reference manager
  • Importing, Organizing, and Taking notes
  • Using and adding Citation style
  • Citing  and Making bibliography
Part 4: how to cite
4.1 Citation style
4.2 Paraphrasing
4.3 Plagiarism
4.4 how to use “Cite While You Write”
  • Bring your laptop
  • Install Zotero or Mendeley reference manager prior to the course
  • Bring a sample of reference (paper, thesis etc)

Date: January 2015

Place: PMO or Comlabs
  • email to or
  • Tag facebook/dasaptaerwin or
  • Mention @dasaptaerwin

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