Links to learn data analysis in Excel for (geology) students


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Dear friends,

The following post was originated from my email to two students under my supervision. They’re both working on data analysis. Instead on pushing them to learn new software, R for instance, I spread some seeds for them to learn deeper into software that they’ve already known. Some students, or it’s my students, have known spreadsheet for years, but they’ve not maximised its potentials.

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb
Dear AAA cc BBB
To continue our discussion to develop more statistical analysis on the project, here’s a list of my recommended links:
  1. a website owned by Ann K Emery, a data consultant. If you have trouble opening it, you can directly go to her Youtube channel (just search her nama on Youtube). Based on her post, you can learn that becoming a commercial consultant, she can be so generous in sharing her knowledge to public.
  2. a descriptive statistical analysis using “data analysis toolpak” add-on in Excel. You have to install the add-on first from MSOffice installer.
  3. correlation analysis using “data analysis toolpak”.
Just try it ok. I really hope the other students can have more skill in doing data analysis. It’s really important to dive into the analysis, not the software.

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