New abstract for ICMNS 2014


Dear friends,

Completing my previous post, I am please to share our last paper. It talks about identifying groundwater and surface water interaction to find solution for water shortage in Tasikmalaya area, Indonesia.


Groundwater and river water interaction at Ciromban and Cibeureum riverbank, Tasikmalaya: can we solve water shortage?

International Conference on Mathematics and Natural Sciences

November 2014, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia


Pratama, A., Abdulbari, N., Nugraha, MI., Prasetio, Y., Tulak, GP., Darul, A., and Irawan, DE.

A short observation on groundwater and river water level has been conducted at the river banks of Ciromban River and Cibeureum River Tasikmalaya, to understand the nature of its water flow. Both rivers are flowing from Mt. Galunggung highland. They are underlain by volcanic aquifer products.

Download this pdf to read further.

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