Roundabout to save water

“Water is the driver of nature” (Leonardo da Vinci)

Dear friends

Have you ever been to Blue Mountain Sydney? You must have seen this roundabout. But you may have missed this information.

If you did see the roundabout, you may not think that it is actually a water tank down below. It collects rain water flowing on the near by street. In other words, it is a rain water harvesting system. The collected water then is filtered and disinfected before distributed to toilet flushing facilities. Neat huh.


This the roundabout 


This is the info board, explaining the system

Now since I am a proud Bandung citizen. Let’s count how many roundabouts in Bandung. This is an example of roundabout. You know perfectly where it is right, and you must aware of how fast the run off flows around it at rainy days.


Let’s count how many of them we have in Bandung and count how much rain water and groundwater we can save.

You also must aware that water management is clearly described in Al Quran (Quran 16:65). See point no 4 at this website (

So it’s doable.

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