LEDs talk

LEDs talk

[image from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode]

The following article covers electricity consumption in the world and how LED technology uses less energy. I use LEDs talk as a title instead of widely known TED talks. 🙂 Read and tell me what you think.

The electricity consumption chart was made using R with the following code.

xyplot(mydata$Country ~ mydata$X2007 + mydata$X2008 + mydata$X2009 + mydata$X2010 +
mydata$X2011, main = "Electricity consumption (2007-2011)", type = "p",
pch = 16, auto.key = list(x = 0.7, y = 0.8, text = c("2007", "2008", "2009",
"2010", "2011"), title = "Year"), ylab = "countries", xlab = "billion Kwh")

LEDs talk


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