LEDs talk

LEDs talk

[image from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode]

The following article covers electricity consumption in the world and how LED technology uses less energy. I use LEDs talk as a title instead of widely known TED talks. 🙂 Read and tell me what you think.

The electricity consumption chart was made using R with the following code.

xyplot(mydata$Country ~ mydata$X2007 + mydata$X2008 + mydata$X2009 + mydata$X2010 +
mydata$X2011, main = "Electricity consumption (2007-2011)", type = "p",
pch = 16, auto.key = list(x = 0.7, y = 0.8, text = c("2007", "2008", "2009",
"2010", "2011"), title = "Year"), ylab = "countries", xlab = "billion Kwh")

LEDs talk


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Research interest: Hydrochemistry, multivariate analysis, and R programming My current focus is how to provide the hydrostratigraphy of volcanic aquifers in Bandung area. The research is based on environmental isotope measurement in groundwater and morphometry. My work consists of hydrochemical measurements. I am using multivariate statistical methods to provides more quantitative foundation for the analysis and more insight into the groundwater behaviour.

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