LaTeX for absolute beginners

This is a useful post about learning Latex editor. I’ve been using it for a year now, but my learning curve was nearly flat about this because I kept moving back and forth to LibreOffice (it was my way to colaborate doc texts and tables with my colleagues, which were still in “Microsoft State of Mind”. Now that I’ve done mainly solo works I can do a step up on my Latex learning curve. Currently I’m writing a paper for a journal using Tex Studio, so I will need all the help i can get, especially on citing and referencing using Jabref as Reference Manager and BibTex as citation format.

The Good Life...

This guide was started when I tried to install, learn and use LaTeX two days before my paper was due because I got so stuck with Word’s constraints and figgledness.

Getting Started

Zero –

There is LaTeX, and TeX and other stuff, like what is ps and dvi…? If confused,  just focus on LaTeX.
Why use LaTeX? It makes paper writing very very portable and editable so it’s not a pain in the ass to edit when changing to another journal’s format.

First – Software Installation

There is no LaTex “software” per se.
First, you download the compiler. For Windows systems, use MikTeX.
Then, you download the editor to do up your documents. The editor will call the compiler to ‘build’ the document. I’m using TeX Studio.

Using editors like notepad or notepad++ also works. But that means you may have to call the compiler using command line.

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