WTF: Book vs thesis

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This is how a book is defferent that a thesis (combined from various sources)

  • A book doesn’t actually need an original theory. It needs an original view point. So you can freely bring your own perspective.
  • A book has a broader (general) readers, so you have to provoke and engage them to read your book.
  • General book-readers are simply want to know what you’ve found out and what you think about it. Offcourse you need to include your references as a basis, but your readers will focus on what you’re saying.

So several sources recommend to do the following tasks:

  • remove all academic “scaffolding” and focus on your own opinion. Reduce scholarly aparatus.
  • reorganize to make it more interesting to read; refocus your story.
  • rewrite with more direct and personal voice: use first person story telling (I or We) and use active voice.

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