Socmed for academic purposes

This was my first tweet ever. It was 3 years a go. How time flies … The first time I tweet, I did not realize that this media can be used for academic purposes. For commercial, marketing, maybe I saw the point, but academic … But now, I tweet about my courses, references, schedule at least twice a week. It very much depends on my tight schedule. The responses are quite good. I usually tweet about my personal thoughts (mostly… again in term of academics). Throwing jokes at my wife (@putry_erwin), especially when I was away on a job. It’s really fun to read other’s thoughts, comments, protests (at some level), and appreciations. It’s also keep bugging me that so many people have so many times to reply to every tweet mentioning their account.

So well I stick to my positive tweets then, I hope it gives values to all my 200 followers. 🙂

PS: I tracked my first tweet using Topsy service.

1st tweet


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