The writing process: agonisingly slow?

Menulis memang terkadang lama, terkadang lebih cepat proses berpikir dibanding proses menuliskannya di kertas atau di halaman word processor. Oleh karenanya saya selalu membawa-bawa alat rekaman atau blocknote ke mana-mana. Karena ide itu mahal …. (Betulkah?)

DoctoralWriting SIG

by Cally Guerin

I’ve been in conversation lately with a student who is in the process of analysing and writing about his research. He has done some excellent fieldwork and managed to gather lots of wonderfully revealing data. Now that he is mapping out what to do with all that information, the work is starting to feel rather slow and repetitive. When I try to reassure him that he’s doing a great job and that this is what writing a PhD is like, he nods politely but the sceptical look in his eyes suggests he really doesn’t believe a word I’m saying.

At present he is engaged in the slow, careful mapping out of each chapter. Big decisions are being made about what the main themes or categories should be – is that the best heading to characterise the concept? Does that particular block of material work as a single…

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