Interesting article about Tokyo

First impression is …

I visited Tokyo for a month last November. It was my first visit ever to Tokyo, but I surely hope it will not be my last. The first thing that struck me the most is the cleanliness of the city. Seriously, if people say Singapore is the cleanest city of Asia, they obviously have not seen Tokyo.

It was only 8 am, when I stepped my foot on the Japan’s soil. Well, it was the ramp gate actually. Cold breeze slipped through the gate seal. Cold enough to gave me a chill. As I was closing the immigration gate. It was very slow morning. A friendly “hi” from the immigration staff, then he continued with standard questions for foreigner.

I passed through the immigration in no time. And I was un-aware to the surprise I was about to see downstairs. There were numerous signs and directions. Everything was only about, whether you wanted to turn left or right, up or down. An overwhelming feeling, when I read the signs. All written in English. Much better than many talks from my friends, who have visited Tokyo, on how Japan was not very friendly for non-Kanji reader visitor. Well no surprise, it’s Japan and Japanese anyway. For them, changes are seem to be only in several eye blinks.

The Japanese seem to have their own definitions to many words, that you might one some of them, in my short story below. However, I managed to find the train to take me from Narita to Sendagi, my home for the next month.


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